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The Effective Art of Staging


To stage, or not to stage?…it shouldn’t even be a question. I was lucky enough to host an open house over the weekend that was a fabulous example of how some simple staging tricks can completely change the feel of a home on the market. The rooms were inviting, the colors were warm and every piece in the home seemed to be perfectly placed. What many sellers don’t know is that your listing agent should be advising you on how to accomplish this in your own home. Below are 5 basic but essential tips to staging your home to sell.

1. De-clutter

You need to first walk through your home and determine all of the items that are very personalized to your family and remove them. This would include family portraits, Junior’s report cards on the fridge, or maybe an old quilt thrown across the foot of the bed that holds sentimental value but matches nothing. After taking out the personal affects you need to seriously consider all of the extra accessories and pieces of furniture you have in the home. Some professional stagers remove as much as half of the furniture in a home and it can really help a home feel larger.

2. Furniture Shuffle20111017-233246.jpg

The old saying that putting furniture up against the walls to make a room feel larger isn’t always true. Try rearranging your furniture to improve the natural flow of the space, particularly if it opens up into an adjacent room. Also don’t be afraid to play musical furniture, just because you bought an arm chair for the living room doesn’t mean it wouldn’t look fantastic in the office.

3. Neutral Colors

One negative comment I hear frequently when showing homes is the homeowners’ choice in wall color. Even though this is a relatively easy change for a buyer to make post purchase, many times they have a hard time seeing past obscure brightly colored rooms. One Saturday afternoon and a gallon of paint could make a big difference in the amount of time it takes your home to sell.

4. Mr. & Mrs. Clean

The more polished a home the better. If you have pets be sure to deodorize or clean out the litter box before every showing. Also, always take out the trash/recycling before a showing and try and plug in or set up some lightly fragrant air fresheners throughout your home.

5. Curb Appeal is Key

Believe it or not, despite our age of the Internet, people still call into realty offices everyday to find out information on a home they drove by. This fact alone makes having solid curb appeal imperative. Having a nice looking home from the curb doesn’t necessarily mean new landscaping either, it can be achieved many times through fresh trimmed grass, a new potted plant or two, and a clean front porch.

Extra homeowner/sellers tip: If after de-cluttering there is a large amount of “stuff” that is being removed from the space consider a small storage unit so as not to overload your garage because guess what, buyers look there too.


Considering our current absorption rate for San Antonio homes is 7.5 months I hope these tips help some sellers out! Leave a comment and let me know!



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