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Hallo-O-Scream: Best Haunted Houses in San Antonio


With Halloween around the corner I couldn’t help but write about hauntingly fun activities to do for the holiday. Don’t be a scaredy cat and check out my top picks for haunted houses in San Antonio.

3. Ripley’s Haunted Adventure: this one is much less frightening which at the same time does make it a bit more family friendly.

Actual Google Review-“I personally thought it was really fun. It was way to over-priced, but it was very enjoyable. I don’t think that everybody would have fun, because it isn’t the most intense haunted house ever, but it’s great for families and haunted house beginners. In the end it’s up to you whether you want to spend money on it or not.”

2. 13th Floor: this one is a close competitor with Grayson and boasts to be the largest haunted attraction in San Antonio.

Actual Google review-“Wow, what a fun haunted house. It was an entertaining experience from outside to inside. The actors were top notch and had characters. Not movie characters, but completely original characters it was awesome to be scared by a masquerade beauty and beast, then the ring girl or exorcist. The wait into the house wasn’t bad at all, I suspect that will change as the season grows nearer to Halloween.”

1. Nightmare on Grayson: this one has by far the best reviews and has been frightening Texans for over 20 years.

Actual Google review- “This Haunted House Is By Far The Best And Scariest In San Antonio Texas You can buy your tickets online and that will save you on waiting in any lines when you arrive THANK YOU NIGHTMARE ON GRAYSON”




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