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Real Estate Terms-Defined!

Buying or selling a home can be complicated enough on its own, but throw in some real estate abbreviations and lingo and it can really get confusing! Below are some common ones that I get asked about regularly. Do you have some that aren’t on this list that are throwing you for a loop? Just … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning Tips!

If you’re like most people, your home is one of, if not THE largest investment you’ll ever make. So, protecting its value is key! Homeowners always want to know what they can do to ensure that their homes fetch top dollar when they’re ready to sell. The answer is simple. Performing regular maintenance on a … Continue reading

Neighborhood Snapshots: Alamo Heights

Alamo Heights is a municipality located in the heart of San Antonio loved by its over 7000 residents. A city rich in history, Alamo Heights was incorporated in 1922 and had its own home rule charter by 1954. It is surrounded on all sides by San Antonio but packs an impressive amount of conveniences within … Continue reading

Neighborhood Snapshots: Hollywood Park & Hill Country Village

One of the most lovely and relaxing areas of San Antonio in my opinion is in Hollywood Park and Hill Country Village. With the mature oaks and tree lined streets filled with white tail deer it’s hard not to feel like you’ve left San Antonio when you drive down Voigt or Tower Drive. This area … Continue reading

Neighborhood Snapshots: Stone Oak

There are so many great areas of San Antonio to live in and although they all fall under the umbrella of “The Alamo Area” they can be very diverse in their offerings of homes, conveniences and history. To kick off this new little segment I’m going to focus on Stone Oak in North Central San Antonio. … Continue reading

The Effective Art of Staging

To stage, or not to stage?…it shouldn’t even be a question. I was lucky enough to host an open house over the weekend that was a fabulous example of how some simple staging tricks can completely change the feel of a home on the market. The rooms were inviting, the colors were warm and every … Continue reading

8 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Green

I know I sound like a tree hugging hippie sometimes with all of my recycling efforts but being green isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for your wallet too! Why not change a few things around your home and save some dough while helping save our planet?  No solar panels required. 1.Programmable Thermostat-When used … Continue reading